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Re: [opensuse] parameter hostip on boot prompt does not work?
On 3/14/2012 1:56 PM, Meike Stone wrote:

Yes, but if the network setup works _without_ autoyast, but not _with_
the problem has to be in your autoyast setup?

But how can I check this?


You can use the hostip option without using autoyast.

Also did you also supply the gateway option or is the install server in the same subnet?

If you have more than one nic in the vm config maybe you need to specify netdevice also.

I use hostip and gateway and other options all the time for installing from network but almost never use autoyast.

If you are supplying an autotyast xml, then it's up to you to ensure that the xml doesn't contain anything that would prevent you from working, like network settings that aren't right. So the simple thing is to not use autoyast at all at first and just use the boot options to set up the network, text mode, ssh, etc.

Actually, before that, use the vmware console and watch the boot messages and use the text mode installer interactively to choose network, enter the network settings, install source url, etc.

Only after that works, try putting the same options on the boot command line as:
text ssh=1 sshpassword=foo hostip=ip/24 gateway=ip nameserver=ip,ip install=http://host/path/to/dvd-contents-or-ftp-mirror

And only after that works, try adding the autoyast. When it doesn't work, you know you have the boot and connectivity working and you know you should look only at the xml. Until you do that, it might be anything and no one can help.

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