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Re: [opensuse] SAMBA.
On 03/15/2012 03:28 AM, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
Other than where a few files might be found the distribution is
pretty much irrelevant once whatever the appropriate package
manager is has installed the software.

This is quite true. Others replicating the documentation was
necessary in the days that distros were all sent on CD, but now we
have the net,
and as long as you can get there you can find all the stuff you want.

Personally I would never set up sharing with no passwords, even (or
especially) on a home network. I refuse to even help others set up
such insecure installations. Not on Linux, and Not on Windows.

You set this up insecurly and anyone who visits your home with a
laptop has access all your data. The baby sitter with a tablet, your mom,
your neighbors. (The same people who use this approach probably don't
secure their wifi either).

If you set your windows login and password the same as your
Linux log in and password Samba and windows just takes care if
it automatically. If not you have to set up samba passwords for
every user. In the time it takes to ask about setting up an insecure
network you could have done it the secure way with yast.

But it is the correct way to do it, and there is no reason NOT to learn
the correct way, and any effort expended trying to work around linux
security is a waste of time. Even if you succeed, you have failed.

Explain again the part about rm -rf /
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