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Re: [opensuse] Software Manager (YaST2) - a question about its behaviour
On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 03:21:19PM +0100, C wrote:
On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 15:11, Lars Müller <lmuelle@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I consider the current default ok.  It return to the point where the
user started the journey.

Apparently you haven't had to field calls from confused beginner users
who are wondering what they did wrong after installing an application.

Beginning users I'm not allowing to call YaST at all. They even don't
know that the user with the most power is named root.

And believe me, they even don't care about this at all.

100% of the people I assist with migrating to Linux/openSUSE are
confused by the current default. Not some.. all.

Well, if they're root on their box, then it's quite eady to change the
default. It's possible from the GUI which you call obscure. Well, your
point of view.

Experienced users don't have a problem with the current default... and
experienced users can use CLI or the YaST tools to change the obscure
options to change the behavior.. but in that process, we loose sight
of the fact that there is a huge number of users that are not on the
mailing lists and forums who rely on their neighborhood "expert" to
guide them through the maze.

Is there an article in the wiki maybe? No, I'm not going to check this.
My bug list is long and more pressing issues are waiting.

This one issue I see over and over... "why did my software installer
disappear?" or... "why do I always have to restart the software

If that's the case feel free to feed If
non has done this in the past. As I don't care you'll neither get a
plus or minus from me.

Best is you branch YaST, change the default and start to smack the YaST
devs around. I expect they'll love you. :)


Lars Müller [ˈlaː(r)z ˈmʏlɐ]
Samba Team
SUSE Linux, Maxfeldstraße 5, 90409 Nürnberg, Germany
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