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Re: [opensuse] Software Manager (YaST2) - a question about its behaviour
  • From: "LLLActive@xxxxxxx" <LLLActive@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 14:50:01 +0100
  • Message-id: <4F61F389.6060600@GMX.Net>
On 14/03/12 23:59, Ken Schneider - openSUSE wrote:
On 03/13/12 23:03, Basil Chupin pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
On 14/03/12 13:53, Carlos E. R. wrote:
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On 2012-03-14 03:44, Basil Chupin wrote:
Thanks Carlos - I just made the alteration.
I was "summary".

This previously was the default (to 'restart') I am sure so I don't
understand why this has been changed......
The action time ago was a kind of summary or dialog, exit or restart (non
Then it was changed to "exit", and no possibility to change.
This started a big discussion, in the factory mail list IIRC, and the
current status was made: it is now configurable. The variable by
default is
empty, default action "close". Some argued that the default be changed to
"summary", but it has not changed.

I haven't looked at 12.1 because I've been using Milestone#1 of 12.2 for
days now and here the parameter is not remed out and is not empty but
has "close" as the entry. I changed this to "restart".


If you use "summary" you then have the option of all three,

close-return-look at summary

Thanks Ken. I will try this out shortly.


Why not "summary" as default?; then 'normal users' do not have to use CLI (again) to allow all options.

Remember the intended user; we are the exception when we continually play around with the CLI (which I admit is much more fun for geeks).

Could there eventually be an attitude to get openSUSE into a normal user market, or will it be kept for 'geeks only'? "geez --endrant".


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