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Re: [opensuse] Install help for Network driver
On Wed, 2012-03-14 at 15:27 -0400, Ralph DeWitt wrote:
Hi all:
I am running opensuse 12.1 updated to KDE 4.8. This was a new install
and still vanilla with no extra repositories outside of KDE 4.8 ones.
Recently I installed a new wireless network card, a PCI Exprss Gigibit
Ethernet Controller with a RTL 8111/8168B controller. My problem is that
after Googleing for Driver Install How To, I have come up with nothing
helpful. Could some one help me to install the proper driver. Thanks in


I haven't installed the specific driver that you are trying to install,
but have installed other rtl drivers on my computers at various times.
So this will be a generic install email to get you going.

First, you need to install some things that will allow you to build the
driver. Here is a list that may be a bit of overkill, but will get the
job done.


Once you have these installed, then you have to get the driver. If you
have access to the internet you can download it directly onto the
computer that you wish to install the driver on. If you are trying to
get a wired ethernet driver onto your computer for the first time, then
you will have to download the driver on a different computer, then burn
it to cd. Once it is on cd, you can use the cd to bring the driver
tarball to the computer without access to the internet.

You can download the driver from here.

Once you have the driver, I am assuming that you know how to unpack a
tarball. So do that, then open up the directory that results and find
the README file. It will tell how to actually install the driver that
you have opened up. Realtek drivers used to install with configure,
make, and make install, but lately they have been using a shell script
to build and install the driver. You will do this in terminal, I use
Konsole as the terminal to do this installation.

Please note that after you have installed the driver, you are required
to reboot the computer. Do this by typing "reboot" and hitting enter in
konsole. If you go to the kmenu instead and try to use the kde prompts
to restart the computer, the driver installation will mess up your
complete opensuse installation and you will probably end up having to do
a operating system re-install, before you once again install the realtek
driver the right way.

I hope that this helps you to get your driver installed.

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