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Re: [opensuse] Milestone 1 openSUSE 12.2 - my comments on it
On 14/03/12 00:12, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Basil Chupin<blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [03-13-12 00:44]:
On 13/03/12 02:16, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
you *should* echo your accolades on the opensuse-factory list :^)

I also have 12.2ms1+ running on a test box.
It would only get lost in The Zypper Overwrites Lines saga :-( .
?? unnecessary slam #1

In any case, my post was to prod people who don't read Factory to try out
Milestone #1 :-) .
?? unnecessary slam #2

Those who do read Factory already know how 'good' it is: nobody has
complained there :-) .
?? possibly #3 ??

(Yeah,yeah, I know....I'm ahead of you Patrick..... :-) .)
guess not, no real reason to pat anyone on the back for their unpaid and
generally un-rewarded effords, and I'm sure the slams would not be
appreciated. But that is your call/choice.

and I guess I am still *behind*.

Watcha talking about, Patrick, with all this "slams" rubbish? I wish you would stop being so paranoid about "slams" and "bad karmas" and such.

I think that I did a much better "pat on the back for a job well done" by posting HERE rather than Factory because more people read THIS mail list than those who read Factory.

And when I wrote, "Those who do read Factory already know how 'good' it is: nobody has complained there :-) ." followed by, "(Yeah,yeah, I know....I'm ahead of you Patrick..... :-) .)" I was expecting you to jump in and in your usual pedantic way respond with, "Of course there wouldn't be any complaints in Factory because complaints go to Bugzilla". So, you missed out on this one this time, didn't you? but instead worked the "slams" nonsense angle.


The vulgar crowd always is taken by appearances, and the world consists chiefly
of the vulgar.
Niccolo Machiavelli

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