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Re: [opensuse] Dolphin Problems
On 13/03/12 21:00, Will Stephenson wrote:
On Tuesday 13 Mar 2012 08:24:33 Swapnil Bhartiya wrote:
Dolphin is an excellent file manager and I love it, but in some cases it
really behaves bad. In most cases it doesn't show the newly plugged
devices. Nautilus, on the other hand does show it. So, is there a bug or
Dolphin is not perfect enough?
More details, please. What kind of devices? Does the Device Notifier
plasmoid show the plugged devices? Does "solid-hardware list" show the udis
of the newly plugged hardware?


One hassle with Dolphin keeps coming up on occasions and it is that when one copies a file across to another directory, for example, or saves a file to a directory (as from an w-mail say) that file is does not immediately appear in Dolphin. It only appears if you exit Dolphin and start it again - then the file appears.

I suspect that this is the same as may be happening with Swapnil - although whenever I plug in a device (USB) I am asked if I want to open it with Dolphin to which I always answer YES because it is the only way that the device is actually mounted and available for use in mc (Midnight Commander) and, of course, the files on that USB are automatically displayed in Dolphin.

AH! It just occurred to me. If after plugging in the USB device and NOT open it with Dolphin then it does not show up in Dolphin or anywhere - because it has not been mounted.


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