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Re: [opensuse] XFCE does not show window borders only on local login
Andre Truter said the following on 03/13/2012 02:10 AM:


I have a very weird situation.

My Dad is running openSUSE 12.1 with XFCE desktop. One day something
went wrong and the windowing system stopped working. So if he opens
an application, it has no window border, so it cannot be moved and
focus cannot be changed between applications.

I'm normally a KDE4 user but Mr Rankin has tempted me to try lightweight
desktops, and when I used XFCE that happened to me. ARGHHHH!

And when I went back to KDE4 the borders had all gone as well

We also tried to remove the .config directory in his home, but that
does not solve the problem.

Under KDE4 there is a specific set of config files under ~/.kde4/ files
... I forget but they've been discussed here before.
I removed those, restarted KDE4 and they were created and all was well.

And all was well with XFCE as well.

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