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[opensuse] XFCE does not show window borders only on local login

I have a very weird situation.

My Dad is running openSUSE 12.1 with XFCE desktop. One day something went
wrong and the windowing system stopped working. So if he opens an application,
it has no window border, so it cannot be moved and focus cannot be changed
between applications.

I enabled the remote management in Yast and logged in via VNC, but remote
management gives a second desktop session, not his running session. If I log
in via vnc (port 5901), then everything works fine, even if we open a vnc
session from his local session the desktopn in ghe vnc session works fine.

So, why would a local xfce session to the screen not have the windowing system,
but a remote session via VNC does have it.
Does anybody know what the difference is?

I expect that the VNC session does not load certain config files, or override
some, but which?

We also tried to remove the .config directory in his home, but that does not
solve the problem.

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