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[opensuse] Milestone 1 openSUSE 12.2 - my comments on it
I downloaded and installed Milestone #1 on a spare set of HDDs when MS #1 became available.

Several days ago I decided to actually switch to using MS #1 as my "main computer"[*].

I haven't had to return to my now-used-for-many-months 12.1 in all this time.

MS #1 works perfectly for me - and it works faster than 12.1 even though the HDDs I am using are ancient/slower than the ones on which I have 12.1 installed.

There are a couple of minor glitches with MS #1 but nothing to really complain about especially considering that it *IS* only MS #1 (and at least one glitch is simply caused by the fact that one piece of software I use doesn't recognise '12.2' as a version and only knows about '12.1'[**]).

What I am suggesting here is that it would be great if those who haven't thought about downloading 12.1 Milestone #1 would consider doing so so that the bugs in 12.2 could be identified more quickly - *BUT* I state this with a *qualification*: Milestone #2 is due out this week so perhaps it would pay to just wait for a day or so and use MS #2.

If MS #1 is so good, MS #2 cannot be worse (yeah, yeah, yeah....famous last words and all that.... .)

[*] 32-bit, AMD Athlon 3200+ XP, nVidia 7600 GT, all put together with my own little hands years ago...

[**] I guess there must be some reason for this, but why cannot applications simply check for the most important dependency rather than a version number before they will install/run?


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