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Re: [opensuse] 12.1 installation failure
On 2012/03/11 04:02 (GMT-0400) Michael Fischer composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

Since the kernel people decided we need KMS, it's far more common to need it
only during installation than it is after. Video performance is usually quite
bad any time it is needed with popular modern video chips, which is rarely a
problem during installation, and usually is after.

Ok. This thing has a Radeon HD 6450. I saw something at Phoronix stating
that it worked fine out of the box (ubuntu 10.4 I think), so I was
hopeful, but this bit with nomodeset is rather discouraging - never had to
do that before.

With the kernel devs conscripting more and more functions from userspace (e.g. KMS, and its nomodeset workaround), it becomes harder and harder to adequately test the kernel. Couple that with the continual introduction of new models of video chips and devs with limited hardware to test with, and adequate testing should be seen as nothing but a dream. By the time the kernel gets into the installation process, testing is even less adequate. The distro really needs more people doing test installs, long before each release gets into RC stage.

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