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Re: [opensuse] Still problems creating directories in /media
On Wednesday, March 07, 2012 20:38:04 Robert Schweikert wrote:

I posted a while back about this and got some help in that I needed to
move my script from /etc/tmpdirs.d/ to /etc/tmpfiles.d/ to get things
setup with systemd. However, this didn't do the trick.

The script is executable and has the following content:

-> cat /etc/tmpfiles.d/02_media
mediaDirs=( os11332 os11364 os11432 os11464 os12132 os12164
sle10sp432sdk \ sle10sp464sdk sle11sp132sdk sle11sp164sdk sled1032
sled1064 \ sled10sp432 sled10sp464 sled11sp132 sled11sp164 sles1032 \
sles1064 sles10sp432 sles10sp464 sles11sp132 sles11sp164)

for medDir in ${mediaDirs[@]};do
test -d /media/$medDir || mkdir /media/$medDir

After reboot the /media directory is empty :( , when I run the script
manually the directories are created as expected.

Does anyone have an idea why this is not working?

Please don't answer with "use sysv-init" as that will not help me. If
it's a bug in systemd then I'll just have to wait for a fix.

Pleae read man tmpfiles.d, it will explain what needs to be done.

Basically: the file needs to be called /etc/tmpfiles.d/02_media
and contents is something like:

d /media/os11332 0755 root root

tmpfiles is not a script - it's a configuration file,

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