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Re: [opensuse] Commercial office suites for Linux?
On 3/5/2012 12:05 PM, upscope wrote:
C wrote:
On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 15:58, Anton Aylward<opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
People are using any number of combinations of MS Office and printer
drivers. Anything you create in MSO has a good chance of being borked
in any other random version of MSO. You will find the same level of
oops in LibreOffice.

Which is why, if I want to have control over the presentation of
anything I send out, I use PDF.

Use HybridPDF and you win :-)

Just FYI to anyone unaware of HybridPDFs... this embeds an ODF file in
the PDF. It looks like a regular PDF to anyone who opens it with
Acrobat Reader/Ocular etc, but if you open it with OOo/LibreOffice or
other HybridPDF capable office application, you get the original
embedded ODF file... which you can then edit/save/export as a new

This is a fully documented part of the PDF ISO standard.. not some wild extra.

If I'm not mistaken latest versions of LibreOffice allow you to save the .odt
as .pdf/.odt document.

Yes, he mentioned that, and it does work. You pretty much have to drag and
drop the pdf on
LO, because its not normally set up to open PDF.

Its pretty cool, but unless you know its been saved that way there is no way to
tell other than
try to open it.

My only complaint with LO is the obtuse places they have hidden some of the
which makes it seem less capable than it is.

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