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Re: [opensuse] Commercial office suites for Linux?
Karl Sinn said the following on 03/05/2012 08:32 AM:
did you try Scribus?

Good point.
Sometimes we get too focused on the mechanisms and forget the objectives.

Perhaps the objective isn't MS-Office/Word compatibility, not least of
all since different versions of MS-Word show incompatibilities (??bug
fixes??) with themselves. I've seen/heard many complaints that
documents produced in one version don't print out exactly the same using
another ... different page breaks, automatic spacing and things like that.

Perhaps the problem is that MS-Word tries to be all things; not just a
'front office typists word processor' but a desktop publishing system.
I've seen people use Word and Powerpoint to do graphics design when they
should have been using a graphics tool instead. Why? Because they were
familiar with it, I suppose.

There are tools and templates from Avery that let you make up things
like business cards using MS-Word. That's OK if you just want something
very simple and basic. But when I tried to do something more
sophisticated - but still "just text" - word-as-desktop-publishing (and
OOo) couldn't cut it. I used scribus instead. In due course I used
the results of scribus to order cards from Staples - they had a special
on and it worked out cheaper than buying Avery stock and inkjet ink.

Was the quality better? I'm not enough of an artist to tell. But after
a couple of hours learning curve with scibus I felt it was easier to put
things exactly where I wanted them and make things look like I wanted.

Scribus has templates for newsletters and stuff and stuff. But lets
face it, there's also HTML and PDF. How do you want to present things?
Yes, I expect business cards to be printed out, but precious little
else. Most of the physical mail I get is flyers and adverts. I read
the news on the 'Net. I pay bills on the net.

Do you expect people to print out the newsletters you send them?
Did you print out the Suse newsletters that Sascha Manns sent each
month? They were PDF and HTML, I don't recall what tool he used to
produce them.

The bottom line is this: There are better 'desktop publishing' tools
available than MS-Word. For most values of "better".

The biggest problem a security consultant has is getting managers to
perform regular risk assessments. They don't want to hear that it's an
on going process. The attitude was "why bother if I can't just check it
once and be done with it".
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