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Re: [opensuse] systemd shutdown warning?
Either switch back to sysvinit.  But be aware there is a sysvinit bug
open which causes only some systems to need some extra time at the end
of the shutdown process.

Or consider to check the same with the recently released systemd
packages to the 12.1 update channel.  I got version 37 release 3.8.1

With the systemd update I got an improvement, but not a complete fix.
It is now giving 15-minute warning; but it is not giving 5- and
1-minute warnings as the previous shutdown used to do. I found it
really annoying to have my machine shut down in the middle of a
document I had been trying to finish in a hurry just because I
misjudged my 15-minute window.

If you have to file a bugreport be this nice to report the bug ID back
to this thread to establish a cross reference.  In the bug you might
also add a pointer to the listarchive at

I am happy to file bugs (and post a link here as you suggested), what
I am trying to figure out if this is upstream bug in systemd, in which
case I should take it there, or it is a suse bug. Or does it matter? I
could of course always file it on Novell bugzilla and let the
developers decide.

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