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Re: [opensuse] Re: Should openSUSE review it's Security Policies?
On Fri, Mar 02, 2012 at 10:15:39AM -0500, James Knott wrote:
Dr. Werner Fink wrote:
Please do not ignore that I'm paid primarily for SLES products and
less for openSUSE. OpenSUSE is a community project and if I find
time to work on OpenSUSE I'll do this. The last few months I've been
busy with SLES11-SP2 on several architectures and also very busy
to solve several bugs with ksh93. There was sparse time for OpenSUSE:(

This "policy" is a show stopper in the corporate world. Companies
will not use openSUSE if it prevents employees from using the
computers away from the office.
The customers which hit my bugzilla are using SLES and I've to solve
those entries. There is no time for arrogance as the time lines are
well defined for SLES products (24/7). Bugs of my packages which had
hit me on SLES products I've also fixed for my packages on openSUSE.

Security requirements for a server are quite different for a desktop
system, particularly when that desktop is a notebook that's intended
to be used in mulitple locations. Server printers should definitely
require root to configure and I don't see many servers running WiFi.
So, what's good for one environment may not be appropriate for the

In setting security policy, there's no such thing as "one size fits
all" and the details should be configurable. As I mentioned, I have
no problem with that securty profile that requires root password for
WiFi and printers, provided it's not mandetory, as it appears to be

You've asked by a PM and my answer was a PM ... why can I read this
now on the mailing list?


"Having a smoking section in a restaurant is like having
a peeing section in a swimming pool." -- Edward Burr
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