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Re: [opensuse] Is there a leak?
On Saturday 31 December 2011 18:29:48 Mark Misulich wrote:
I watched a video on YouTube the other night. When I was through
watching it I emailed the url to a friend of mine via my isp's email.
The email isn't connected to Yahoo or Google in any way.

The next day I received emails from Yahoo with the urls of the video
that I watched, plus others in the series. I also found out that I was
signed up for a yahoo group that pertained to the video, all without my

Is there some kind of security leak in Opensuse 12.1 or Thunderbird that
would allow this to happen? Maybe everyone else on the list knows why
this is, but I am very surprised by it and don't understand why it
Well lets put it like this

while you have Thunderbird running run a term of some for and run tcpdump just
watch where things get reported to .

I have stopped taking the sused version of a lot of stuff and have just
switched the laptop to Slackware 13.37 this box is next in line for
next week

Pete .

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