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Re: [opensuse] Re: starting the virtualbox virtual machines automatically
jdd said the following on 12/26/2011 06:46 PM:
Le 26/12/2011 22:19, Anton Aylward a écrit :

... [snip] ..

The problem is never the backup, but the restore. In my experience,
cases where you simply restore a backup never happen.

When hardware fail, the new one is never identical. Even apparently
identical (byte wise) backup do not restore on the very hardware it
was done - only a ghost will work and on a remote server it's often
not possible (my last reinstall what due to this problem - I could
never restore the system partition, backed on the data one :-(.

Back in the bad old SCO days when disks were small, yes it was a problem.

These days with Big Disks the solution is to create a LVM partition that
is a staging area and restore into that.

Now if you did absolute backups you are still buqqered. Learn not to do
that. But if you have relative backups you can restore that old "etc/"
onto a scratch fs and then selectively move what you need, things like
/etc/hosts, the password/group files and other things you have
customised, across to the real /etc.

I now have to adapt a 11.2 working system to systemd. I only have to
take care of the virtual machines restart as this changed, but who
knows what will change next time.

That's why I have a scrappy old SallyAnne Special with a scrappy old
disk and lots of nfs mounts and a working and stable Fedora 15 with a
working and stable version of SystemD (all those things people are
stumbling over on 12.1 I have working fine on this F-16 (soon to be
F-16)) so I can learn how it is supposed to work on a system that does
work, rather than battle a system (12.1) that doesn't work.

There are many things about Fedora I don't like, YUM being there out in
front! I'll be glad when openSuse 12.2 comes out :-)
In the mean time I can decompress with a working fine 11.4 system on my
2005 vintage Compaq desktop-replacement laptop.

and I don't have the choice to keep the old config, 11.2 is no more

You could have upgraded to 11.4. That would have been smoother, less
traumatic. The 11.4 works well and runs the latest kde :-)

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.
-- Thomas A. Edison
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