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Re: [opensuse] [SOLVED] "Undefined mode 348"
2011. december 22. 3:04 napon "Rajko M." <rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx> írta:

On Thursday, December 22, 2011 11:36:05 AM Basil Chupin wrote:

"a sucking lame community" you say? The question then comes up: Why?

Because everybody expects that someone else takes boring task of writing
digest of few posts on a mail list in a wiki, so that is easier to find.
Mail list search is not bad, but it can't filter out all unrelated and
duplicate stuff that we put in our posts. It requires human intervention to
preserve substantial knowledge hidden in a mail lists noise.

For instance this one:
(Don't expect to find article there.
Also, this answers your question where is SDB; it is part of the wiki.)

This link and help to format and categorize article is what I can do for
anyone that volunteers to create one from resources provided in this thread.


I find SDB much less user-friendly than before.
For example earlier SDB had a page when all the titles of
the published SDB articles were listed in chronological
order. It was easier to find a specific article by browsing
that page than searching with the 'search sdb' option now.

For example I wanted to find an article which described how to
set static mount points for removable media but I could not
find it on the new sdb page. Searching for 'static mount'
resulted in:

that is nothing specific.

Let's see what google gives. This is the first hit on the
list, the specific one I needed and could not locate on
the 'official' opensuse support page, either because of it
is not there or the faulty search engine:

So it would be very good to make available all the published
SDB articles (the titles only of course with links to the articles)
on one page again, including _all_ articles in chronological order,
no matter how old they are.


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