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Re: [opensuse] [SOLVED] "Undefined mode 348"
On 12/21/2011 7:36 PM, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 22/12/11 00:29, Lars Müller wrote:
On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 12:09:27AM +1100, Basil Chupin wrote:
[ 8< ]
It was indeed the video card which did not support the resolution
'vga=348' which, incidentally, was the hex number which openSUSE
came up with when I installed 12.1 and it is for 1400x1050 for the
card I had previously used.

I had searched the 'net for a solution to my problem but what I did
read was more confusing than informative. I have now bookmarked the
wiki.archlinux URL for future reference. It is a pity that oS
doesn't have a similar site or one such as Launchpad for Ubuntu.
It's the result of a sucking lame community. Don't be scared if you
look next time into a mirror. ;)

You may have a point there, Lars.

openSUSE started of as SuSE way back in 1994.

Ubuntu first appeared only end of 2004.

Ubuntu has the Launchpad. openSUSE doesn't have anything like it. It did
have, years ago, the Support Database. Where is it now?

"a sucking lame community" you say? The question then comes up: Why?

The more polite version of the above sentence would have been: create
the missing page. It's a wiki and now with the help of this thread you
have the knowledge. We all count on you!



I know I used to sing the praises of suse in the past.

I've been criticized by overt and less overt ironic posts lately "more flies with honey" for being a complainer or unhelpful, but this is not the way I used to perceive or talk about suse.

They changed.

They stayed changed for years before I started actually badmouthing them.

You think I'm a fickle critic? I was a SCO apologist for years after they went south, let alone all the years before that when they were actually a great company that simply had the inconsideration to charge for their very bulletproof and fully supported product. Actually really engineer supported.

So finally after watching things go all sloppy for years and not get better, my attitude toward suse has changed. Let's keep the order of events and cause & effect straight. Suse doesn't suck because the community sucks at supporting it. Suse went from having a large staff with high production standards to having a fraction of that staff and the only production standards if they exist any more must be going into SLE. The flow of work now seems to be lots of volunteers do actual work on opensuse for free, but mostly only a few suse staff dictates changes and policy to all those non-staff developers. And the work into opensuse goes into SLE and then paid staff does work on SLE to clean it up and make it actually good and reliable* but that work doesn't go back in to opensuse.

Maybe I'm wrong but that's what it feels like.

If I'm wrong, well it's almost a great a crime simply that I was led or even allowed to form this impression.

* (I have to assume this, that SLE is more polished and predictable. I don't use SLE because it's stupid today to pay money to get a less standard and thus automatically _less supported/supportable_ system. The support a few suse engineers can possibly provide can't come _close_ to the simple mass of numbers of other users of opensuse or ubuntu or fedora. Simple coverage and exposure beats out paid support no matter how good the guy you're paying is. Really just allergic to paying? See above SCO Open Server lover for years...)


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