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Re: [opensuse] subpixeling
On 21/12/11 09:44, Swapnil Bhartiya wrote:

Am I missing something here?

System Settings>Application Appearance>Fonts>Use anti-aliasing (+options).

There is no "Application Appearance" in Gnome 3 which comes with openSUSE 12.1. :(


I responded to you re above but you have not replied either publicly or privately.

Did you finally find that setting for aliasing in Gnome? Without your response this thread is incomplete and other readers are left in mid-air about the matter.

There were 2 other things I wanted to mention with respect to this in my earlier response but forgot .

The first is that there are fonts which are specifically produced to be used for printing documents and fonts produced specially for use on monitors. The ones for printing my not look too good on a monitor. What those fonts are you will find by looking up Wikipedia, but one of the monitor-fonts is Verdana.

(As a corrigendum to this, I do not remember what the default fonts Gnome uses when it is installed, but with KDE I always change the default fonts, both in KDE and Firefox, to what I like. For example, one of the fonts I use is DejaVu)

The second is that Firefox allows you to choose whether the website you are visiting is allowed to use its own fonts or the site can only use the fonts and their size which YOU have chosen for use in Firefox (Edit>Preferences>Display). I don't know what happens in Chrome.


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