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Re: [opensuse] "Undefined mode 348"
On 12/20/2011 11:07 PM, Basil Chupin wrote:
I have just replaced my monitor and the video card.

Now, suddenly, when I boot the computer I get the error message:
"Undefined mode 348" and am given the option of selecting a video mode
to continue the boot (and I select '31A' which gives me 1280x1024).

In menu.lst the entry for the boot video mode is 'vga=348' (and has been
for years) which equates to a resolution of 1440x900.

The monitor supports this resolution of 1440x900.

Does anyone know, please, in which 12.1 oS file the video resolutions
are defined so that I can check if '348' is there?

(There were some upgrades done this morning and I wonder if one of them
produced this change?)


It's a video card bios thing. The new video card either does not support that mode, or it needs special setup (every boot, post-boot) before it can support that mode (, or the resolution you want is arrived at by setting some other mode number.

Hopefully you don't have a KMS problem.

Start with this. Hopefully the cards bios and the kernel driver already natively support the mode you want, and you just need to list all modes and edit your menu.lst to use whatever the new mode number is that has the resolution you want.

Otherwise, it depends on what version of suse you have and what kind of chip the new video card has and whether or not you can use open source or proprietary drivers.

Google for kms and and drm
I don't know where the good equivalent docs are for suse if any exist.
They don't turn up from googling "opensuse kms".
All I get are forum posts and

Sorry I don't have explicit details.

I happen to have used 1440x900 several times myself and I don't remember ever using 348 as the video mode, so I'm guessing that was actually a card-specific and/or hack mode and the new card needs a similar but different hack, or has that mode natively instead of needing a hack, but it isn't at 348.

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