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Re: [opensuse] thunderbird reinstall
On 20/12/11 10:47, George Olson wrote:
Howdy again,

I just made a new install of 12.1 from the dvd. I was previously using
11.4. I was already using KDE 4.7.2, and so I am still using it.

There was a bit of a mix up on my home directory, and the install disk
installed the new KDE in a different directory because of my username
change. But I switch back to my old KDE directory, which was located in
/home/george by modifying the /etc/passwd file to point to that
directory instead of the separate installation. By doing this, I was able
to get back most of my KDE settings.

However, when I try to start thunderbird from a panel, I get the
following error:

Unable to run the command specified. The file or folder
file:///usr/share/applications/thunderbird.desktop does not exist.

I have 11.4 installed on sda5 and 12.1 installed on sda6. When I boot
up in 11.4, I have no problem running thunderbird.

I understand that the /usr/share/applications is in my root directory, so
that is why thunderbird will run in 11.4 and not in 12.1. However, I am
wondering how to setup thunderbird in 12.1 now, and not lose all the
settings that I had for it before?


Hmm, you've made a bit of a hash of this and made some additional complications for yourself haven't you? But all resolvable.

Thunderbird stores its data (mail, your settings etc) in the directory /home/<ur-name>/.thunderbird [NOTE that this is a HIDDEN directory (there's a full stop in front of it)]

Why you cannot run TB is because you don't have it installed as this new "user". Install TB under your new name adn then copy over the /.thunderbird directory to your new home.


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