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Re: [opensuse] Tool similar to "Terminals" for windows
Greg Freemyer said the following on 12/17/2011 03:07 PM:


I too use konsole for terminal windows. And from there I do ssh out
to various linux boxes.


1) the tabs don't show the name of the machine I've ssh'ed out to.
Thus I have to remember which tab is which.

Well *I* can set the tab name to the remote host name!
See snapshot
I have it set to "%w" which displays things like


2) It doesn't provide a RDC does it. (Remote Desktop Client for
logging into the graphic interface of a windows box.)

In the config I set it run whatever program I want.
As it happens, my idea of a RDC is ssh :-)
But I could equally well use rdesktop instead of ssh
If I had a windows box and a clue as to how to set it up for RDC I'd try
that and show you the settings.

3) It doesn't provide a X-server (used for graphically logging into a
Linux box)

I'm not sure what you mean by that.
If you're running Linux then you have the X server and a selection of of
desktops -- it doesn't have to run under KDE, you can run it under XFCE;
I know because I do on my laptop.

I *do* have many Linux boxes and I can not only remotely log into them
using ssh, I can remotely run graphical applications on them too.

I think you may have a confusion over terminology. Linux and Microsoft
use the terms "server" and "client" the other way round from each other
when talking about display.

Under Linux and X, you have display server. It may be a Linux box or it
may be an X-terminal that was manufactured as such. But it is a
*DISPLAY* server. The applications run on the client.

For most of us running a single box the server and the client are the
same. But I _could_ strip off all the desktops and stuff from the box
I'm currently using and set up a ssh or tenet session to a remote box
and run "startx" or "startkde4" or the XFCE or Gnome equivalents.
The applications run on the remote client and use this display, the
display server.

Microsoft call it the other way round. Your display in that situation
is the client that logs into a server.

Now you may know all this, in which case I'm wondering if you really
should be asking about XDMCP.

Or I may be looking at the from my way rather than your way and you
should be using Xvnc to do the 'flip-around' since as the man page says

So Xvnc is really two servers in one. To the applications it is an X
server, and to the remote VNC users it is a VNC server.

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