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Re: [opensuse] Systemd and fstab
On 12/16/2011 12:30 PM, Andreas Jaeger wrote:

On the other hand a detailed test plan with test cases would be great to have
- I'm sure the opensuse-testing team would welcome any actual
help to make 12.2 better. The testcases which were run, e.g. the openqa
tests, showed success once 12.1 was declared golden. so, it's not
that we don't have tests - we don't have enough and then you need ways
(automatic testing or volunteers) to run and report them,

This sounds like an interesting opportunity for some better method of community

Each of us has our areas of interest, and expertise, (well, in my case perhaps
just interest).

The concept of testing an entire distro is rather daunting. To the point where,
depending on the press of business,
simply finding the time to wade thru a beta or an RC and reporting every bug
one encounters is a huge task.
Further, there is a tendency to get hung up on the first bug you find, and
never get beyond that, in spite of the
fact that 3000 other testers found the same bug.

If folks could signup/check-in on some webpage to test those packages they use
so that there is a clear list
and perhaps a participation log or indicator of the number of eyeballs on a
given package or area
we could avoid the situation where everybody tests the same stuff, and other
things get totally overlooked.

If I know a ton of people are looking at the KNetworkManager, I don't
have to spend time there, and can test those other packages that I use and rely
on, and largely ignore
flaws I find in KNM.

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