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Re: Re: Re: [opensuse] A request to Attachmate/Novell
On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 2:42 AM, Roger Luedecke
<roger.luedecke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thats okay and I have liked suse much but at least you can have the
docs like that of Ubuntu? See where all things are
explained from such a basic level that even persons from other field
can read so nicely and learn something which people often
misunderstand to be geeky. Well, in fact and in realities, while I
have liked Suse more than Ubuntu (because of more clean and better
architecture) but you can have such documentations which would be an
added advantage, especially for us.


We do have some veery good documentation, but I actually agree that we could
be doing a better job of it. OpenSUSE is a strange animal in relation to
Novell/SuSE/Attachmate. Though we are largely sponsored by SuSE, we are
essentially an independent entity, and have very little practical connection
with SuSE. Our primary connection is that many of the Novell and SuSE
developers donate their free time to helping openSUSE with the building of the
software and with fixes. But we are a primarilly volunteer organization,
unlike Ubuntu or even Fedora. Essentially SuSE sits back and watches what we
do and will gradually absorb our tech into their own Enterprise Linux, at
which point we will then reap the benefit of fixes and improvements to that
which they pick up.

If anything stated here needs correction or elaboration, please feel free. I
am also still learning all the intricacies.

You got my point, I have always liked the suse much better than any
other distributions (from its lead contenders like Ubuntu and Fedora),
because of its more clean structure (100%) and ease of maintainability
(which even Fedora misses/lacks). SO the suggestions were for the
betterment (unlike if someone thinks that I am criticizing Suse, which
is not the case). In fact, I am new so learning Linux for a newbie is
different from the perspective of you geeky people. Let a newbie
decide (who doesn't have any Linux knowledge prior) if Ubuntu is
better or openSUSE is better and the answer is --- openSUSE. It means
that in general, for a casual home user, openSUSE even is better than
Ubuntu (since a Linux newbie is saying this who has no experience and
feeling suse better).

Though I have started Google search and using and learning from there
too, but I always expect from the list to please be concerned to the
newbies little questions too (of course, after some Googling). I am
glad to know that though openSUSE is maintained by volunteering people
(who are less in number when compared to the other lead contenders)
but still lag behind other distributions in a better ease of use. So
less no. of people (who are in fact volunteers of openSUSE) are doing
even a better job than a large team of Fedora or Ubuntu - it is for

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