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Re: [opensuse] Any problems with installing 12.1 on RAID ?
On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 6:33 PM, Rüdiger Meier <sweet_f_a@xxxxxx> wrote:
On Thursday 15 December 2011, Anton Aylward wrote:
James Knott said the following on 12/15/2011 12:11 PM:
There's not much to write up, it just worked.

That's been my experience with SystemD on Fedora-15, so I get to
wonder why people have problems doing on 12.1 what works with no
trouble here.

Surely its the same code base?
All I can think of is that there are issues with integration that are
lacking, but ... what?

I guess the reason is because systemd developers are RedHat/Fedora guys.
So upstream has developed and tested on Fedora only while they luckily
don't even need documentation to do things right.


It's my understanding a lot of upstream packages don't come with
boot/init scripts. So distro's like openSUSE over the years have
created their own in a lot of cases.

And with systemd work is required to get that all straightened out again.

My impression is that its relatively easy to get systemd to run the
scripts from /etc/init.d, but the integration still has to be done one
at a time. And that integration is typically not shared by the
distros via upstream packages.

For opensuse it seems lots of that is only now getting handled.

Longer term, opensuse packagers will start writing systemd native init
logic. When that happens, we will start to see bugs because new logic
will get added to the systemd script and not to the /etc/init.d

I wouldn't be surprised if by 12.3 or so systemd is the more reliable
of the 2 init solutions. But I admit I'm going to run sysvinit with

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