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Re: [opensuse] Systemd and fstab

It is quite embarassing but I have found my problem. Starting with 11.4 the nfs service is not starting automatically. One has to enable it for runlevels 3,5 to get automatically mounted remote filesystems.

I wonder why I thought that this problem started with 12.1. I think the few 11.4 machines we have were not rebooted after initial setup so the problem did not appear.

To sum up: for opensuse systemd is not responsible for mounting remote filesystems. It is the nfs service.

Enabling the service solves the problem. However it does not solve the hang with comment=systemd.automount. So I had to remove the comment.

Thanks to anyone who looked into this issue.

Am 15.12.2011 13:14, schrieb Anton Aylward:
Andreas Jaeger said the following on 12/15/2011 06:05 AM:
't this also work with systemd? The earlier one gets rid of its
bugs one the better.
It should work - the question will just help in figuring out the

Or will systemd never replace sysvinit for serious work?
It will, the issues that came up now are getting fixed. Seems not
enough people tested it before the release in earnest ;-(

Really, there's a lot more we don't know.
If Christoph is trying to get the system to work 'like it did before'
then what was he doing to automount the NFS?

Why all the network interfaces? Where do they lead?
Which one leads to the NFS server?

The man page on systemd.mount does say that

When reading /etc/fstab a few special mount options are understood by
systemd which influence how dependencies are created for mount points
from /etc/fstab.

If comment=systemd.mount is specified as mount
option, then systemd will create a dependency of type Wants from
either or, depending whether the
file system is local or remote. If comment=systemd.automount is set,
an automount unit will be created for the file system. See
systemd.automount(5) for details.

If a mount point is configured in both /etc/fstab and a unit file,
the configuration in the latter takes precedence.

Are there some unit files created by the installation process?
Perhaps that would be a better approach since they could be made
dependent on the specific Ethernet port that leads to the NFS server
being active.

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