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[opensuse] fstab/partition Problem
I have just installed 12.1 on my 64bit AMD CPU Linux computer. The machine has been in service for quite some time and has had previous openSUSE distributions starting with 10.x. Consequently there are numb of partitions that show up in the Yast/Partitioner/Available Storage (a screen shot is attached) that are not in /etc/fstab. This is very bothersome as I have information and programs that I can't access.

Through trial and error, a very dangerous thing for me to do as I am neither a hardware nor an OS person - only a user, I have written a script to mount the partitions. Running the script as su in my user persona I can mount the partitions.

If I reopen Yast/Partitioner after running the script the mount points are there.

My question is what do I do at this point that isn't going to corrupt the system? Up to this point I have been aborting the Partitioner.

I will be very appreciative of guidence at this point,

Thanks in advance.


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