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Re: [opensuse] Systemd and fstab
Rüdiger Meier said the following on 12/13/2011 09:51 PM:

Don't blame users for not reading random blogs and random wikis.

For various values of the term 'user' depending on their experience and
sophistication, my response is ..


OK, so I'm a few weeks early with the Scrooge channelling.

But you can use Google any time of the year.

Man pages are just man pages. Great for the command syntax and what the
various fields are. Many don't have examples.

You want to know how things work, how to "just do it", to coin a phrase,
then Go Google" and find the how-to articles, the developers blogs and
wikis and the write-ups from the people who have experimented.

I've got development time and sysadmin time under my belt, but but I
found this by a "go google" and one of the articles I found from an
experimenter who poured over the man ages in great detail did say that
it was there and LO! it was when I looked, but I'd already got it
working from reading a Wiki.

I suppose in in that class of user that does "go google".

Changing syntax of such fundamental config files like fstab should have
been mentioned in ReleaseNotes. There is a note about encrypted
partitions. Why not about nfs?

Encrypted partitions under SystemD?
Oh my!
So the release notes has sophisticated stuff like that, how to rename
files, but not basics like NFS mounting.

Yes, I'd like to have everything managed by YAST but until the system is
either sysvinit OR systemD and not a blend of the two I think that's
going to be horrendous.

After all, you could ignore the stuff about systemd.mount/nfs and use
the automounter maps with a SystemD system.

In fact you can use the automounter AS WELL but things will be a buqqer
to debug if you get something in conflict.

Perhaps a more sensible approach would be to give up entirely on the
sysvinit compatibility, remove the /etc/rc[12345].d compatibility,
remove the automounter and make it PURE SystemD.

Throw 12.1 in the deep end.
Like ripping off the adhesive plaster in one quick jerk.

The trouble with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
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