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Re: [opensuse] ~/.gvfs permissions
Patrick Shanahan wrote:
Has permissions changed for ~/.gvfs ??

I have a 11.2 server that has:
drwx------ 2 pat users
and two 12.1 systems with:
dr-x------ 2 paka users
and backups from 11.3 which have:
drwx------ 2 pat users

and root does not have permission/cannot read /home/<user>/.gvfs or change
permissions on the 12.1 systems

AFAIK, drwx------ is how it is supposed to be. Definitely root doesn't
have access rights (.gvfs is a real pain when making backups for that
reason) and if the user doesn't have write access, how would anything
get stored in the directory?

HTH, Dave
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