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Re: [opensuse] mouse pointer stuck on tiny
On 2011/12/13 10:22 (GMT+0800) Ed Greshko composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

On 2011/12/13 09:26 (GMT+0800) Ed Greshko composed:

too large for your friend?

Can't tell. Installation instructions if there are any seem to be well
disguised. I'm not in the habit of using any but default themes, so
know nothing about adding optionals. :-(

Plus, it seems both KDE and Gnome ought to have at least one large
easy to find and enable optional pointer by default, but those too are
well hidden if they even exist.

The way to install pretty easy....

Go to "System Settings", "Workspace Appearance", "Cursor Theme" and pick
"Install New Theme" and then point to the downloaded tar file.

I thought compressed archives need first to be unpacked before their content could be installed, except those with names ending in .rpm or .deb.

Anyway, after OP I talked to Bob about this, who said look for a doc on his system named *mouse*. It contained the following:

create an '.Xdefaults' file in your home directory and add the following lines:

Xcursor.size: 32
Xcursor.theme: tuxcursor

Availiable Sizes: 32 (small), 48 (medium), 64 (big, but max. detail)

So I copied his .Xdefaults file from 11.3's home to 12.1's home and restarted. Works in KDE (not at all in Gnome, no big surprise). As to KDE, if all it takes to make a mouse cursor bigger is a couple of lines in a config file, why can't KControl do that with a select list or radio buttons in its mouse section or accessibility section, instead of making people spend hours searching for a way to do it manually?
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