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[opensuse] mouse pointer stuck on tiny
I asked most of this on the KDE3 list, but I have the same problem in Gnome, so am asking with expansion here. Google hasn't found me anything less than 8 years old. I also tried digging through ~/.kde/share/config/ trying to figure out what was causing his 11.3 mouse pointer to be big, but so far struck out on that too. Every setting I've spotted so far seems to point to default (e.g. kdminputrc_mouse_cursorsize="" in startupconfig).

I'm trying to configure Bob S's system after installing 12.1. His vision has gotten too bad to do initial installation himself any more. I've been looking all over both KDE3 and Gnome for a way to get big mouse pointers, and am having no luck. KControl->Peripherals->Mouse is void of anything to do with sizes, while in gnome-tweak-tool, nothing I choose has any effect. I've tried alternate themes, including *accessible*, but all seem stuck with the standard little mouse pointer and hand that are smaller than a dried up lentil at high DPI. I went through YaST2 software management looking for accessibility theme and mouse settings type packages available and missing, but no luck there either. Something must be missing from the install, but what could it be? Do I have to install NetworkManager to get the mouse to work right? Nearly everything seems to require NetworkManager any more. :-p Any ideas?
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