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Re: [opensuse] No KNetworkManager in 12.1?

I recently updated two laptops from 11.4 to 12.1, and it seems KNetworkManager is gone after the install. I can't find anywhere to configure network settings at user level. When I bring up YaST, it says "network is currently managed by NetworkManager", and gives me the option of switching back to ifup, which works just fine (except I need to install the smpppd package(*) ).

I do not have the KNetworkManager icon in the system tray, and alt+f2 > knetworkmanager does not work.

What am I missing here? Is there some new utility I should be using instead?

Sorry to spam your inboxes. Found it. It became a desktop widget (or plasmoid, or whatchamacallit).

(*) Why the heck is that package not included by default??? It's very annoying to have to install that before being able to use the network, as it means I must necessarily get that package from the dvd, or via a USB key etc.!
This point still stands.

And, it would be helpful if there were some message in YaST, when switching from ifup to user managed, that knetworkmanager must be enabled as a widget. This may be a default for fresh 12.1 installs, but does not happen when upgrading.


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