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Re: [opensuse] Frustration with Flash
Wolfgang Rosenauer said the following on 12/11/2011 04:00 AM:
Unfortunately I cannot diagnose your system remotely but
flash-plugin- is not a Flash RPM delivered by
Is your Firefox from openSUSE?
Then I would not blame this update but your mix of different vendors.

Ah, that's it.
The error message I quoted had a link to download the flash player from
the Adobe site. I followed the link, downloaded and installed the RPM I
mentioned in my previous message.

Silly me for following vendor advise.

Actually I would be interested why something broke for you to even further
improve the openSUSE Firefox package to work with arbitrary third party
packages. So how about giving some more information before you remove any
non-openSUSE Flash package and install "zypper in flash-player".

Overnight I did get things to work and I'm surprised.
You know how when you're tied you don't think quite straight and do
silly things. Well I went into the ... not the about:config, but the
part of the FF setup where you can set the MIME mapping and played there.

I set all the "video" (except quicktime) to use Dragon Player.

I haven't a clue why that worked but it did.

So now, after rectification following your advice:

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