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[opensuse] 12.1 fubar windowmanager & displaymanager for Gnome needs fixup
Normally I pay no mind to anything having to do with Gnome, but (90% blind) Bob S brought me his puter to install 12.1, among other things. One of those other things was to install the Gnome desktop in hopes that having it normally configured might solve some issues using Gnome apps in his preferred KDE3 environment, plus access to a fully functional Orca.

One of those things I paid no attention to in the relnotes was "gnome.fallback=1", which turns out to be necessary on his system. Before I figured this out, I had done a Gnome initial install, and on first X start all I got was the GDM background with a perpetual busy cursor. Not really having any idea what was or wasn't going on, I proceeded to drop to runlevel 3 and install KDE3 with zypper.

Next I wanted to fix the subject files so that KDM3, which I well know how to configure manually, and troubleshoot, would be used instead of GDM. So I made copies of windowmanager and displaymanager called windowmanag01er and displaymanag01er, and instead of editing the originals myself, fired up Yast's sysconfig editor. When it became apparent this tool might be doing something fishy (by presenting multiple instances of "DISPLAYMANAGER=" and "WINDOWMANAGER=", among others), I tried to abort without saving. It didn't like what I tried, and exited abnormally.

When I checked, sysconfig editor had rewritten my backup files with the same changes as were supposed to be in the working files only. So, I know not how they were initially in order to put them back how they were originally. There's nothing else Gnome around here to compare to.

KDM works only almost as it should (does get me into KDE), so I want to try GDM again (now that I'm booting with gnome.fallback=1), which similarly only almost works. The almost part is neither login manager presents an option to open a Gnome session. I tried Metacity, but that produced no apparent reaction when selected. I'm thinking if I had the original subject files, at least GDM ought to present an option to open a Gnome session, and I could then figure out how to get KDM to do the same thing.

While to some the comments in those files might seem sufficient to make needed changes, to me they seem to fall short of complete (kde4 vs kde, not vs kde3). Ideas on getting the originals restored?

Also, where are the available session types that the login managers should present stored?
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