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Re: [opensuse] A request to Attachmate/Novell
On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 2:31 AM, Thomas Taylor <linxt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Linux Tyro;

Hello Tom.

This list is in no way restricted to not allow new users.  Many list members
have spent a large amount of time answering questions for new users, myself
included.  What you may not realize is that after some initial dialog between
newbie and experienced users, some communication is moved off list in order to
not overwhelm the list with dialog related to some particular point or very
specific hardware.

We're on this list to help others with problems related to openSuSE users
needs.  There are also several linux forums which cater to openSuSE issues,
openSuSE forum and to name two excellent resources.

We welcome your questions and with the range of experience on this list it
would be unusual if your questions could not be answered.  If a list was just
for newbies, who would have the experience to answer the questions?

Well thanks for the explicit reply, and here is the conclusion that I
would now definitely ask the questions here and in the forum and I
hope that people like you would come (like you always had) to solve
the newbie queries. Let_us_put_an_**end** to this thread here itself
since the conclusion is clear now. Moreover, the two links you have
given, so definitely those also are to be tried and definitely I guess
I would enjoy openSUSE.

I wish that all persons here were like you, however, might be they are
(if I am not able to judge properly).

I again thanks to your explicit reply.

Kind Regards,
Raganathan S (Linux Tyro)
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