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Re: [opensuse] Failures with 12.1
James Knott said the following on 12/09/2011 10:56 AM:
Anton Aylward wrote:
I run fetchmail on a seperate machine, a mail hub, so this isn't going
to be an issue for me until that gets upgraded.

But here are my thoughts.

Unlike my Fedora box, openSuse seems to want you to use Postix or ...
what is it, 'exim'?

Check if postfix service is running:

sudo systemctl status postfix.service

Try cloning that, but make it dependent on Postfix - obviously:-)

I have postfix running, by following the instructions posted earlier.
It's fetchmail that I need to run, in order to get my mail from my ISP's
POP server.

Yes, I understand that.

If you don't want to run fetchmail from CRON or something then what I'm
suggesting is that you use the way Postfix is started under SystemD to
create the necessary entry to run Fetchmail.

Create a clone: copy the Postfix SystemD entry to one named
fetchmail.service (or whatever is suitable) and edit its contents to
start up fetchmail instead of postfix.

Fetchmail will, of course, be dependent on Postfix already have started,
which will in turn be dependent on networking already have started, and
so on.
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