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[Friday Posting][Humour] Re: Clinging to Microsoft (was Re: [opensuse] Why openSUSE is less popular than Ubuntu?)
j debert said the following on 12/08/2011 10:52 PM:

Microsoft Syndrome. Similar to Stockholm Syndrome. Classic.

People are so accustomed to the aggro and pain of Microsoft that the
thought of using anything less sadistic is frightening.

They accept that their data will be lost, that their time will be
wasted, that they have to do things over and over again, that malwarez
will wreak havoc on their systems, data, finances and personal life.
They accept that they will have to spend a ton of money on their
computers, software, backups, etc., adn. They can't imagine a life
without all that, let alone wish for one. Microsoft is Reality. It's
The Way The World Is. It's the End All and Be All. It's Existence.
Microsoft is God.

In another mailing the automatic random DotSigQuote generator selected
this from the database and I thought it was apropos in this context, so
here you are:

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold
in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

I also find in the DotSigQuote database this:

The same applies for other kinds of long-lasting low-level
pain. [...] The body's response to being jabbed, pierced,
and cut is to produce endorphins. [...] So here's my programme
for breaking that cycle of dependency on Windows: get left arm
tattooed with dragon motif, buy a crate of Jamaican Hot! Pepper
Sauce, get nipples pierced. With any luck that will produce
enough endorphins to make Windows completely redundant, and I
can then upgrade to Linux and get on with things.
-- Pieter Hintjens

I think that's a bit extreme though.
Mind you, I suspect most people that continue to use Windows do so
because they suffer brain damage - they keep banging their head against
the wall in frustration ...

Perhaps the best marketing strategy for Linux would be to hand out free
crash helmets, the kind that the hockey players _finally_ adopted, and
then a month or so later when they are "in recovery" talk to them about
using Linux.

Have a good weekend :-)
Conservatism is the blind and fear-filled worship of dead radicals.
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