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Re: [opensuse] A request to Attachmate/Novell
On Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 12:15 PM, Lars Müller <lmuelle@xxxxxxx> wrote:

No by two reasons:

a) we already have more than 80 lists.

Oh I see.

b) the rules when a new list gets created are quite simple: as soon as
there is a need.

Oh I see.

Ok, by all the noise _you_ created alone in the last days it might be
time to create a dedicated list to you. ;)

;)--. I guess newbies would need the list in the coming future, but I
cannot emphasize since I am alone right now.

There are common rules when an additional list gets created. I've seen
projects suffer from too many lists.  And I count openSUSE as such a
project as I tried to stress in the past.  See for example Samba, we're
driving the project with two main lists.

Oh I see.

Creating a new list or closing one is nothing which is driven by SUSE.
It's up to the project which decides as it decides on other project issues.

Thanks Greg.  I always forget the forums.  That sound like a very, very
good suggestion.

Yes, thanks Greg and thanks Lars.
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