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Re: [opensuse] Re: [opensuse-factory] equivalent to boot.local for systemd
Brian K. White said the following on 12/08/2011 06:30 PM:
Although sysv init is almost infinitely flexible by the simple virtue of
being mostly made out of shell scripts that you can write anything you
want in to, there still are various basic assumptions that are no longer
always true and they do get in the way and they will only get worse not
better nor even stay the same. sysv init is a simple concept that is
because of that very simplicity not able to handle the kinds of
situations that exist today and tomorrow.

Hey! Lets not forget that somewhere around UNIX System V time The Unix
Systems Group introduced this sysv init stuff as al alternative to
impractical mess of scripts that been grafted on to Version 7 and System
III to make them support networking. Those were shell scripts too and
we can see the path they went down to another 'alternative" in the
various BSD and BSD-like packages.

It's sort of like an elastic band. The concepts stretch so far and then
become difficult to do more with and need replacing with something else.

Nothing dramatic about this concept; all our technologies have gone
through this, most of them repeatedly.
Processes don't do work, people do.
- John Seely Brown
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