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A (further) simplified installation path. (was: [opensuse] Re: Clinging to Microsoft)
  • From: Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2011 21:22:02 +0100
  • Message-id: <jbr69a$gn7$>
I'm not sure where this belongs (project, factory?), but we've certainly
deviated far enough from the original topic.

Lars Müller wrote:

We're talking about two different things - you seem to be talking
about changing the default, I'm _only_ proposing adding another
installation flow.

"another" = additional? To make the matrix even more complex?

Unfortunately, yes. I am in favour of adding a simplified path, but
only as an addition, not to replace anything and not as a default

I might not get your approach. But by adding yet another dialog and
asking the user if it is a simplified guy and likes to run the the
simplified installation workflow we even add one more question and
also risk to annoy the advanced users too.

I agree, but if "we" want to cater to both kind of users, we have to
have a switch somewhere.

I agree that changing the default is going to be an uphill
struggle (I'll leave that to you) and not in line with our strategy,
but offering a simplified installation path is perfectly possible.

Sorry, what is our strategy you have in mind?

"openSUSE does not: Oversimplify the system to the point where
configuring it becomes harder. We prefer flexibility over an (extreme)
focus on ease of use."

Why do you consider this an uphill struggle?

I think you said it yourself - changing the defaults is usually met with
resistance from "the majority of the developers and advanced users".
Trying to make the _default_ openSUSE installation more focused on the
non-IT aware person and asking all the "experts" to press the "I'm an
expert, leave me alone" button - that is an uphill struggle.

And why do you think you can leave that up to me?

It was mostly intended to be humourous, I guess the humour was lost in
transmission. However, you proposed it, where as I think we can start
with a compromise, a simplified path for those who want it.

A simplified install workflow isn't only possible. I consider it as
within reach.


This is mainly a question of checking which dialogs are really needed.
It's already possible to mostly only click the botton labled next
without entering anything.

And a beginner doesn't care about KDE or Gnome. The network
configuration is mostly driven by a DHCP server.

Absolutely right.

I moved the gathered input to
There I've added even a reference to the beginning of this thread.
Feel free to vote. I volunteer to help if someone of the community
likes to work on this.

I've only just started gaining some experience with YCP and such, I have
a few other things I want to fix first, but otherwise I'm also in.

Per Jessen, Zürich (6.4°C)

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