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Re: [opensuse] A request to Attachmate/Novell
On 08/12/11 16:32, Linux Tyro wrote:

There is one request:

Can Novell/Attachmate people set a mailing list intended for only home
users where they could be helped much better?

P.S. I am not saying that these lists are not the best place for any
solution. Rather if anything like a separate newbie channel could be
established, that could be more of a great en-devours and I bet this
would also be a reason that in the coming 1-2 years, openSUSE would
hit the world with no.1 position.

I have suggested this since I have liked openSUSE to a great extent
and feels as if it is MINE distribution of choice. I know, I might be
wrong for this suggestion, but since it came in my mind, I wanted it
to say to the owner of the Novell/Attachmate director.


What? This list works fine, if you follow the usual, time-honoured
usenet guidelines. Newbies should lurk for a bit, both to get the
flavour of the list's accepted netiquette, but also to check whether
their question has already been answered sometime. When you feel bold
enough [not a problem for you, I see ;)] postspecific questions, with
relevant details of your system [hardware, software, version numbers]
and what you have already tried [man pages, web search, list archives,
books, etc.]

And, as has been stated many times here recently, there is no substitute
for getting your hands dirty and trying things out. It's the quickest
way to learn.

Bob Williams
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