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[opensuse] Latency in redraw when switching to Firefox
I'm using Firefox as my web browser under KDE4.
I have a number of virtual desktops.
FF is in #2. TBird is in #1. Konsole is in #4, Dolphin is in #3.

FF has a number of tabs open.
Switching between tabs is fast; minimizing FF and re-enlarging and
dragging it around the screen is fast.

But ...

If I switch to another virtual desktop ...

What's there comes up, redraws fast. Even Thunderbird, even when the
mail item is, god help us, some HTML mail full of in-line images!

If I switch to any desktop other than FF its fast.

But if I switch to the FF desktop then ...

I get the KDE window decoration, the title, the frame ...
but no content.

It might take from five seconds to two minutes for the stuff of firebox
to appear. Not just the page, but the other stuff to, the menu bar, the
sliders, the location/navigation bar, the short-cut bookmarks bar, the
status bar. When they all do appear they appear in a flash and all of
FF responds promptly to any changes like changing tab, menus, bookmarks,
history and so on.

Yes, FF is big, but I've tried closing the other applications and just
having something small like an xterm on one other virtual desktop.

And to be fair, I can make other applications "big" without this
problem. Heck, Thunderbird takes about 30% more virtual memory, has
about 40% more data+stack, about 20% more shm, and about the same
resident memory.

I've tried googling for issues to do with "tuning" FF and yes, when its
up its very responsive! But there is the latency when switcvhing to its
virtual desktop under KDE.

And yes, this happens with my experimental Fedora-15 machine as well.

KDE4 is fully patched. FF is 8.0 though this has persisted from
previous versions.

I'm open to suggestions as to how to track down what the problem is.

"It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
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