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[opensuse] Telephone tethering, Dynamic DNS and general fun
  • From: Roger Oberholtzer <roger@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2011 16:32:31 +0100
  • Message-id: <1323358351.7350.78.camel@acme.pacific>
We run openSUSE (11.2, and soon 12.1) in vehicles out on the road. They
are all over the place. Sometimes it would be nice to access these
systems from the comfort of the office. Especially when they are
thousands of kilometers away. So, I am exploring what options there are
for openSUSE. I think there are many. So perhaps I mean which option
combination is the best.

I think the basic connection will be from a telephone that supports
tethering. We expect that to be supplied by the local user. It would be
connected to the USB port of the openSUSE computer.

Once connected, openSUSE needs to get on the network. I would imagine
that a telephone that supports tethering handles the IP address assigned
to the computer? How it gets the address is of no concern. The computer
will get an address. Right?

Once it has the address, should it be possible, knowing the IP address,
to access the computer from the outside world? The whole discussion here
assumes that this is possible. Perhaps that is controlled by the
telephone? Or the local phone company?

If the IP address could be accessed, I guess the next step might be to
register it with a dynamic DNS service so it can be know to us. Any
suggestions on a DNS service? This will be used rather seldom. Mainly in
times of difficulty or support. I could even consider a stupid solution
where the system copies a file to a known IP address that we could look

After that, the rest must be the regular service configurations.

Anyone else been there done that?

Yours sincerely,

Roger Oberholtzer

OPQ Systems / Ramböll RST

Office: Int +46 10-615 60 20
Mobile: Int +46 70-815 1696

Ramböll Sverige AB
Krukmakargatan 21
P.O. Box 17009
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