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Re: [opensuse] why not openSUSE used grub 2?
On 2011/12/08 01:53 (GMT-0500) LinuxIsOne composed:

I hope that we would be implementing Grub 2 in the coming 2-3 years.

By then maybe Grub2 will be mature enough to make sense in the openSUSE scheme of things, and for openSUSE packagers to understand it well enough to incorporate it into all the different packages it impacts and is impacted by.

Meanwhile, there are other FOSS bootloaders. Not only is there Lilo, but others like AiR-Boot, which might turn out to be better than Lilo, Grub Legacy or Grub2 if given a chance.

On 2011/12/08 08:49 (GMT-0500) Linux Tyro composed:

And yes don't forget that those who created Grub Legacy were
programmers and thus was made suse.

Your logic has a big hole. The first openSUSE release was in September 2005. Previous to that was SuSE (last 9.3), which was not openly developed. Grub Legacy predates 10.0 by years.

Instead of spending so much time continuing this thread, why not devote that time to learning Grub2 so that you can contribute to its incorporation in the modules that will need to be updated in order to make it default?
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