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Re: Clinging to Microsoft (was Re: [opensuse] Why openSUSE is less popular than Ubuntu?)
Lars Müller said the following on 12/08/2011 07:51 AM:
When do we finally manage to keep it simple stupid?

Somewhere along the line Microsoft has been both "dumbing down" and
"educating up" users. They now know how to use the mouse, pull down
menus and such. Microsoft has introduced many radical (?!?!) features
like the floating menus strip (or do you call it tear-off menus?), the
"do everything via a GUI" approach and the supporting APIs that mean the
GUI is not simply a front-end for the "command line behind the scenes".

The cost of this, for many users (and that includes sysadmins) is that
what were difficult, multi-step, multi-decision tasks at the command
line level are now GUI-fied and don't need a great deal of
understanding. I'm not saying my cat can configure Windows, but seeing
how some Windows sysadmins just bat the mouse around I'm not sure there
is a lot of difference.

Does this mean that computing has gone the same way as the automobile
industry where, in the search for profit, a hormone crazed, distracted,
irresponsible, immature sixteen year old can drive two tons of poorly
maintained (and possibly uninsured) Detroit Iron down the highway at
breakneck speeds while drunk, stoned and deafened by a sound system that
is worth more than the car itself and which compete with the the THX
system at my local theatre, but is treated the same as the eco-conscious
40-year-old experienced driver in the Prius or that minuscule thing from
BMW or one of the Fiat things with a small engine that would barely
match a Lambretti scooter -- except possibly by the people managing
risk, the Insurance companies.

I think it has; we've adopted a "one size fits all" approach to
installing; and to a great deal with the overall facilities and UI.
Standardization and mass production and all that.

To be fair, though, not all of us are regular installers. Perhaps an
install system that is a "bit dumb in places" is useful even for those
of us who are experienced with _running_ systems.

Virtually every major technological advance in the history of the human
species-- back to the invention of stone tools and the domestication of
fire-- has been ethically ambiguous.
--Carl Sagan (The Demon-Haunted World)
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