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Re: [opensuse] why not openSUSE used grub 2?
On 2011/12/08 04:36 (GMT-0500) Linux Tyro composed:

Grub Legacy is working well,

For most people, exactly.


Not at all.

if really openSUSE is so
good why you are not having proper team to work with Grub 2? Many
distros have already done this

And many like openSUSE have, wisely or otherwise, deferred it until its disadvantages are clearly outweighed by its advantages, and until competent team member(s) are available and committed to do the considerable necessary work. Last I looked, Grub2 was still a buggy moving target, while development team members continue to have full plates.

Grub Legacy does everything I'm aware that I need done from a bootloader quite well thank you very much.

If you really want it, you can install it. It simply cannot become default before its interplay with mkinitrd, perl-Bootloader, yast2-bootloader, YaST2 installation, mdadm and whatever else it needs to work with have been overhauled to accommodate the massive differences between it and Grub Legacy. The Grub2 rpm is nearly 4X the size of the Grub Legacy rpm. Grub2 is more than just a bootloader, it's a mini OS, with different and larger installation requirements, and more complexity.

I'm glad it hasn't been forced down my throat prematurely by openSUSE the way *buntu did its users. KDE4, Gnome3, KMS and Systemd have been plenty enough trouble that would have been worse for users if the same limited resources were further stretched to try to convert to Grub2 at the same time.
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