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Re: [opensuse] perl module install question
Greg Freemyer wrote:
I'm not a perl expert. The theory is you should not have to be an
expert in a language to package up a app written in it.

Hmm, I'm not sure where that theory comes from but I don't believe it :)

I "think" with perl, the "use" statements can be anywhere in the code.

Yes, pretty much.

When one of those is hit, the module in question is loaded.

No. The module is unconditionally loaded before the program runs, during
compilation. For the behaviour you describe, use the 'require' function,
or 'do' or 'eval'. Remember that for Perl, TMTOWTDI.

So to do as you suggest would required exercising every code path that
has a "use" statement in it. That is not necessarily very effective.

There are perl tools to discover such dependencies (pp -c, pp -x etc).

Further, since I don't know perl very well, I don't know what other
mechanisms would cause a module to be loaded.

So, I'm reversing your process. Create what I believe to be a good
specfile by reading release notes and code, then try to run it and and
any Requires that I come across.

Right, but since I don't believe the premise, I don't think it's safe to
draw the conclusion that this is a good idea. :)

Cheers, Dave
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