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Re: [opensuse] perl module install question
Greg Freemyer wrote:
I think the real issue is this line from the perl specfile:

Provides: perl-IO-Zlib perl-IO-Compress-Base perl-IO-Compress-Zlib
Obsoletes: perl-IO-Zlib perl-IO-Compress-Base perl-IO-Compress-Zlib

Note the absence of perl-IO-Compress. I can branch perl in OBS and
add perl-IO-Compress easily enough, but I don't think I know enough
about perl to test it outside of the one package I'm testing that uses


I believe *you are in a pit. Please stop digging it deeper!*

IO::Zlib and IO::Compress::Base are core modules since Perl 5.10.0.
They should be in the core perl package and indeed when I ask on an 11.2
system, YaST tells me IO::Zlib is part of the standard package 'perl'.

What happens if you just run the application?

So there should be absolutely no need to install these packages from a
separate source. Which suggests that the package hasn't been properly
prepared and perhaps similarly for whatever this application is. Have
they been updated since 11.1?

Cheers, Dave
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